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Welcome to the official website of Guangzhou Huachuang Precision Technology Co., Ltd!

Core Business

Guangzhou Huachuang Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that has focused on PCB and PCBA manufacturing for ten years. It is a professional PCBA manufacturer, circuit board manufacturer, SMT patch processing factory. Our company has strong engineering team and professional electronic component procurement team. Our products and services are widely used in automotive electronics, power, communications, medical electronics, industrial control, computer applications and other fields! We are a one-stop comprehensive manufacturing service provider integrating PCB design/proof/manufacture、PCBA one-stop service、electronic component procurement、SMT patch and DIP plug-in processing、conformal coating spraying、finished product assembly test.

About us

Guangzhou Huachuang Precision Technology Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Huachuang Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is a factory specializing in the fast SMT patch, testing and assembly of high-precision SMT. With 10 years of experience in PCBA one stop service of mobile phone motherboard, multiple high-precision SMT production lines and professional testing equipment, Huachuang provides SMT processing and PCBA one stop services for electronic product solution developers, industrial control, automotive, medical and other fields of electronic product research and development units, and manufacturing enterprises. We can always complete various orders submitted by customers faster and with higher standards.


10+ years establishment


20+ application area


1000+ cases

  • SMT workshop
  • Certificate
  • Quality control
  • Assembly workshop
  • Factory scene

Enterprise case

  • Industrial control

  • Automotive electronics

  • New energy

  • Communication

  • Security electronics

  • Medical equipment

Provide PCBA processing services for customers in the electrical industry

The intelligent deviation correction system applied in the electrical industry is a complex and important production auxiliary system, widely used in industries such as printing, packaging, paper making, film, tire rubber, textile, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, wire and cable, etc.

Our advantages

Customer demand-oriented

①Professional engineers sort out customers' processing requirements one-on-one and prepare Production Operation Instructions

② The ERP system accurately transmits customer production requirements and precautions to relevant personnel.

Clear quality management objectives

① PCBA finished product delivery qualification rate is 100%; [No rework, more reliable]

② SMT processing delivery qualification rate>99.8%;[Eliminate pseudo soldering, short circuits, and wrong material]

③ Materials need to pass 9 strict quality tests;[Let refurbished, counterfeit components, problem pcb board no hiding]

The elements of achieving quality objectives

① Preventive measures in advance ② Control and inspection in the process ③ Traceability after the production

Efficient and reliable professional ERP software

① Be able to manage the materials well and carefully, and eliminate the shortage and wrong materials

② Accurately and efficiently convey customer processing requirements, strictly according to the document production

Stable technical and management team

① Team stability: Team members are quite familiar with the company's systems, business logic, databases, document systems, etc., they have high work efficiency, and can undertake corresponding long-term complex projects

② Team motivation: Through basic and advanced training plans, improve employees' work abilities, set quality management related awards to stimulate employees' enthusiasm, and achieve the best overall vitality of the enterprise

Reliable production process and precision production equipment

① Hundreds of dust-free and anti-static workshop [reduce the risk of chip breakdown by electrostatic from the source]

② Visual inspection printing machine: [ensure that every tin-dots is nice and even]

③ Multi-temperature zone reflow soldering and infrared heating dual wave soldering[ensure that all solder joints are solid and stable]

④ AOI detection equipment of the whole line+180x electronic analysis microscope [let the problem products disappear]

⑤ BGA chip X-RAY detection equipment [flat panel detector can tilt 60 °, quickly find target defects, detection accuracy 5um, magnification up to 200X]